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Lionheart Gym Fitness Training
Lionheart Gym Fitness Training
Lionheart Gym Fitness Training
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Our foundation is built on strength, honour and respect. Our mission is to reinstate these qualities in todays society.

Through our training we build strength, strength of character, physical strength and the mental strength to carry you through life's hardships and adversity.

We will honour our promise to do all we can to give the very best quality training and ongoing support to those who join with us in the fight for a better society, teaching our youth the honourable way of life.

We will show respect for ourselves, our fellows and our environment. We will respect individuals' abilities and capabilities and insist that they do likewise so that respect will build respect, honour will build honour and strength will build our foundations that will never falter.

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  • The Lionheart Training System is a bespoke self protection, martial arts and fitness programme, specifically designed for the over 40's and their families.

  • The aim is to keep you safe, fit and healthy, enabling you to take steps towards safeguarding yourself and your loved ones.

  • The training takes place every weekday evening in our warm, friendly, state of the art training facility, with the UK's best coaches.
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